A day in New York


A tribute to Broadway melodies of Leonard Bernstein, unique concerts to honour 100th anniversary of L. Bernstein's birthday with the sound of an orchestra. 

Cross section of Broadway musicals and operettas from Leonard Bernstein accompanied by Philharmonic. 

You will hear songs from:


On The Town

Wonderful Town

West Side Story

Trouble In Tahiti

Interprets: Bohemia Voice, Zuzana Seibertová, Elin Špidlová, Bronislav Palowski, Lukáš Sládek 

If there is a person, who is a symbol of "crossover" style in music, then it is legendary Leonard Bernstein, who implemented parts of jazz, Broadway sound, gospel or mass in his compositions. He did not differentiate between "classical" and "popular" music, but between "good" and "bad" music. Bernstein was a style synthetic and an eclectic: he did not follow some artistic branching.

European concert tour with philharmonics

Broadway - Bernstein - Bohemia Voice

Leonard Bernstein became known also through his TV shows about popularisation of the (classical) music and thanks to his indisputable charisma. Those programs got many awards (i.e. 11 Emmy) and made him a TV star and one of the most iconic cultural personalities of USA in sixties. 

It was Leonard Bernstein, who brought many people to listen to the classical music.

Vocal crossover quartet Bohemia Voice is honoured to pay a tribute to Leonard Bernstein for his 100th birthday.