The story of our quartet
From idea to podium

Bohemia Voice is a mixed vocal quartet who made from the music genre called crossover a mix of styles. You can hear swing, gospel, classical music and pop in their music. 

We created a concept without any limits, just with sound, style and face of vocal group called Bohemia Voice. This multi genre group decided to connect music styles and this way also connect people who are open to listen to music in its pure essence. Bohemia Voice performs at the moment with philharmonic orchestras in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the programs Barbra Streisand & Ella Fitzgerald celebrate birthday, One Day in NY aka Tribute to Broadway melodies of Leonard Bernstein, In the Name of Love and Christmas with Bohemia Voice. 

All arranges are made by the leading arrangers and music composers in the Czech Republic, such as jazz pianist Vít Pospíšil, film music composer Robert Jíša, Jiri Strohner or great quitar player, music composer and arranger Tomas Ille. Bohemia Voice ideally performs with piano or an Orchestra. Most of the smaller stages adopt the concept of singing with the state-of-the-art orchestral half playback. Some of the songs are played a cappella. 

Main reference from home:

Regular concerts in the production of NILE Agency

LOBKOWICZ FAMILY, Fund-raiser auction in the Lobkowicz Palace, Prague, 2015

TV shows: Sportsman of the Year, The Brides' Fight

Barbra Streisand & Ella Fitzgerald celebrate birthday, tribute concert tour with different philharmonics and symphonic orchestras in Czechia and Slovakia

Concerts in India (2017)

One Day in NY aka Tribute to Broadway melodies of L.Bernstein - a tour with philharmonic orchestras 

Welcome of olympic sportsman at the Old Town Square of Prague with the Czech national anthem, 2018

Concert for the president of India in the Czech Republic, 2018

Memebers' reference:

Italy: Torino - Piccolo Regio Giacomo Puccini, Theatro Grassi Germany: Philharmonie Berlin, Munich - Prinzregenten Theater, Bad Kissingen - Regentenbau Mexico: Templo de la Companía de Jesús, Sala Nezahualcóyotl, Teatro Degollado, USA: Washington DC - National Gallery of Art, NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bailey Hall Auditorium, L.A. - Valley Performing Arts Center, Aliso Viejo - Soka Performing Arts Center Aud., Berkeley - Zellerbach Hall, Folsom - Harris Center for the Arts Switzerland: Monastery Courtyard Austria: Bregenzer Festspiele Izrael, Poland, Slovakia, atd.

ELIN SPIDLOVA - mezzosoprano

She studied acting for two years at The City Lit College in London. She completed her studies in VOHŠ (Actor College) under the guidance of the superb Czech actor, Nina Divíšková and the director Pavel Pecháček. During her studies she was part of the English spoken drama company "Misery Loves Company". Then she acted in several foreign film productions, for example: Love Lies Bleeding (1999) with Faye Dunaway, Immortal, Bad Company (starring Anthony Hopkins), Doom, and various Czech productions: The Spring of Life, Nemocnice na kraji mesa, and others. She has sang from early age. She won the competition for the leading role of Giana de Medici in Galileo Galilei musical written by Janek Ledecky in 2003. Since then she has performed many leading roles in prestigious musical scenes in Prague, Bratislava and Warsaw (the queen Gertruda - Czech and English version of Hamlet, Kamila in The Secret, The wind Hudma in Winds, Veronika in the Christmas Wonder). Since 2000 she has worked with her jazz formation Elin & her band. Since 2010 she has sang under the guidance of professor Marta Boháčová. She founded the vocal quartet Bohemia Voice in 2011. She is the mother of two boys - Vojta (2010) and Filip (2012).


She was born on November 24 1987 in Karlovy Vary. She visited singing and piano lessons since she was six. In 2003 she was accepted to the Pilsen Conservatory, where she studied the opera singing in the class prof. Ludmila Kotnauerova. She finished her studies in June 2010. During her studies she participated on the singer courses led v in 2006 and 2008 as the part of the co-operation between the Pilsen Conservatory and the University in Colorado in the class of prof. Sarah Mereditsh. In 2006 whew also participated on courses of Magdaléna Hajóssy, who works in Akademie múzických umění in Prague.

She participated on the competition of Bohuslav Martinů in Prague, winning the Ben Blachuta prize in 2006 and the second place in the same competition a year later. Zuzana counts among her other successes the external co-operation with the Pilsen theatre of J. K. Tyl, where she performed the first lay sister in the opera named Sister Angelika by G. Puccini in 2008 directed by Jiří Štrunc (opera direction by Zbyněk Brabec).

She played several roles of student version in the opera of G. Bononcini Polyfem (i.e. the role of Galatea), the role of Viola, in the Viola opera (not finished opera by Bedřich Smetana), and also Unfriendly guard in the opera by Bohuslav Martinů called Comedy on the bridge.

In the years from 2006 till 2009 she dedicated her time to teaching singing on the basic art school in Planá by Mariánské Lázne. In the years from 2009 till 2012 she studied the University of performing arts in Bratislava, Slovakia in the class of Mgr. Jany Pastorkova, ArtD. and sung in the medieval band called Rebule. In 2014 she finishes her studies on AMU in Prague in the class of MgA. Martin Bárta. She also leads a choir of rock grannies under the patronage of NGO called Elpida plus. They already published their first CD to support the senior help line. They promoted their matter also during the concert tour through the Czech Republic and on the big Czech music festivals such as Colors of Ostrava. They closely co-operated with Václav Havelka and the band Please the trees, with DJ Bonus or the singer Jan Burian.

Zuzana's concerts are dedicated to the classical repertoire as well as to the contemporary music. She for example performed the Bershava song by Eliška Cílkova during the 5th music festival Souzvuk in Bratislava, Slovakia. She performed Larina in Eugene Onegin by P.I. Tchaikovsky or the role Papagena in the opera from W. A. Mozart Magic Flute.


He started his professional career as a singer studying at The State Conservatory in Prague. He visited the class of Dr. Miroslav Pospisil and completed his studies in 2003. He further studied for his masters in music and solo singing, on ZČU (West-Bohemian University) in Pilsen, under the guidance of professor Doc. Svatava Jirošková - Luhanová. He started to work with Prague Philharmonic Choir at the beginning at 2000. He became a permanent member of the choir in 2008. He co-operated with the NeueLeusitzer Theatre in Zhořelec in the seasons of 2007 and 2008. He won the third place in the Olomouc Singers Contest and a special prize for the best sung compulsory composition from J.S.Bach. He also attended the Czech and Slovak International Music -Competition of Montreal in 2009. He worked with Bobby McFerrin as part of his choir in 2010. As a solo singer he debuted in the National Theatre, Prague, in the Parsifal opera from R. Wagner. Presently he acts in the role of Pedrillo in Mozart's opera The Abduction from the Seraglio in Jihoceske Theatre.

LUKÁŠ SLÁDEK - basbaryton

Young bass-baryton, Lukáš Sládek, was born in Prague. He grew up with Prague philharmonic children choir. With this choir he still cooperates. After graduation at college, he started to study at Prague conservatory in class of Antonín Švorc. Just in the second class, he was invited to the alternation of Don Bartolo in Le nozze di Figaro, produced by Prague conservatory.

Since 2007 cooperates with Original music theatre Prague ("Night with Mozart", "Incredible Dvořák"). In years 2008 and 2011 he received the 3th place, in 2008 also price of the National theatre Prague and price of Theatre of F. X. Šalda in Liberec, at International vocal competition in Karlovy Vary. In 2008 he also participated on the masterclass lead by Allesandro Svab. In 2009 he started to alternate Masetto in Don Giovanni at National Theatre Prague, in 2010 did the same role at Revolving theatre in Český Krumlov. In 2011 he sang at International music festival Dvořákova Praha.

He cooperates with "Silent Opera" (Der Schauspieldirektor, Salieri LTD., Theatre behind the Gate), that brings a fusion of opera and pantomime, The Children's Opera Prague (Bartered Bride).

He performs pieces of present-day composers, chamber baroque music and cooperates with vocal group Bohemia Voice.