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Tickets to concert Sound of Our Hearts - Czech & Moravian Inspiration of Folk Music

13th June 2019 at 7. 00 PM, Hodovní síň Letohrádek Hvězda, Praha 6

Tickets: 500 CZK, seniors and children up to twelve 250 CZK

Pay the amount to the account num. 1110121/5500. Within 1 day you receive confirmation email, which will guarantee your  places in the concert. Please show that letter or online confirmation at the door. Tickets: Adults dospělí 500,- , children and seniors 250,-. Message for recipient: Sound of Our Hearts - concert, names of participants. 

CD Christmas with Bohemia Voice

CD with 11 songs

Pay the amount to the account num. 1110121/5500 and        within 7 days you receive CD Christmas with Bohemia Voice.        Message for recipient: CD Christmas with BV.                                Postage: 40 Kč, Price incl. postage 310 Kč.

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